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To prepare children to read, Kickoff to Kindergarten (K2K) develops knowledge of early literacy skills with guided activities and storytimes for families, while promoting at-home literacy and conflict analysis strategies for adults. Families with children can participate in K2K when the child is between ages three and five. K2K is offered virtually and runs for seven consecutive sessions. Enrolled caregivers and students will participate in weekly group sessions and will also have opportunities to talk privately with the teacher to ask questions and for guidance and feedback. Preregister for K2K here and we’ll reach out with information about our next season of K2K. Email with other questions.

The DOE’s Parent University invites NYC families to a series of virtual courses on social-emotional learning (SEL). In these courses, families will learn strategies and have access to tools that promote a successful learning environment for their children. Courses will be conducted in English, Spanish, and Chinese, and taught by DOE partners at Ramapo For Children. Please share these courses with your families, using the course flyers in EnglishSpanish; and Chinese

As shared in the November 20 edition of Principals Digest, the DOE’s Parent University seeks to educate and empower all families from early childhood through adulthood, with free courses, resources, events, and activities. Parents can register for free trainings on a wide range of topics, including adult education, student social-emotional learning, and special education. Please continue to share this resource with your school community by emailing these flyers to families (translated versions of the flyer are available in all DOE-supported languages on the Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) family-facing webpage).

The Wide Open School website provides learning activities for students to complete independently at home, or with their families. Activities are available in all subjects and grades, and in all languages via Google Translate. Families can use the information to do the following:

  • Access an overview of the units their children are studying throughout the year, in grades K-8; high school units will be added soon. 
  • Engage with their child on what is taught at school;  
  • Find support for learning at home, like tips for keeping children focused, as well as information about using online learning tools;   
  • Assist with conversations at parent-teacher conferences; 
  • Locate afterschool activities.
March 19, 2021
Dear Families,
This was my first week as your new Chancellor, and I couldn’t be more excited to take on this role. Not only
because I am a New Yorker born and bred, but because education is in my blood. Both my mom and auntie were
teachers and I became a New York City public school English teacher because of them, and the amazing educators
I had as a student myself growing up in Queens.
Since I started at the DOE 21 years ago, I have also worked as an assistant principal, and then principal. More
recently, I served our school communities as a superintendent and Bronx executive superintendent.
And now it is my honor and privilege to lead our schools citywide. I have spent much of this week seeing our
brilliant students and educators from every borough in action, in-person and remotely. I saw pre-k students learn
about the water cycle, joined sixth graders in learning ratios by mixing just the right ratio of food coloring into
frosting, and joined seventh-graders in sharing special objects that reveal something about who we are. Despite
all the changes and challenges we’ve faced this past year, our school communities are still joyful, vibrant places
of learning.
As I reflect on this week’s visits, I am also heartened by the beautiful diversity of our classrooms, communities,
and our City as a whole. In our schools, “respect for all” is not just a slogan, but a way of life. We value every
student, staff member, and family for who they are. We ensure everyone feels welcomed. This is at our very
But the horrific anti-Asian hate crimes we’ve been seeing citywide and this week in Atlanta make it clear that we
must work harder to end systemic racism. Justice and inclusivity have been pillars of my career as an educator.
As Chancellor, I promise to continue to advance equity and dismantle any biases in our school system. And I want
to make it clear: there is no room for racism or discrimination of any kind at the Department of Education or in
any of our schools. Just this week, we provided our educators with updated resources to combat hate crimes in
our schools and provide our students with social and emotional supports. You can find resources for discussing
racism and hate crimes with your children at
Creating environments that encourage all students to be who they are will be on my mind on March 22, when all
our public high schools will begin welcoming students back to in-person and blended learning. Like elementary
and middle schools, as well as our District 75 programs, high schools will follow the strong practices we have
established to help keep school communities healthy and safe. This includes weekly random testing of students
and staff for COVID-19, physical distancing, masks, and nightly deep cleaning. In the meantime, I’m excited
about this important milestone in the city’s recovery. And I’m proud to lead a school system that has set the
standard for the nation in reopening efforts.
This is such a hopeful and historic time for our schools and our city, and I want to thank you for all you have done
to support our students and schools. In the coming weeks, there will be opportunities for us to meet
and talk. I promise to hear and include your voices as we finish out this school year and plan for the next.
Let’s go. Let’s do this. We’re ready.
Meisha Porter
New York City Schools Chancellor
March 22, 2021
Dear Families,
We just reopened high school buildings for in-person learning for the first time since November 2020, and I have
to say that the joy on our students’ faces as they entered their school buildings was amazing. We are thrilled to
see students of all ages safely learning in physical classrooms.
That is why I am very pleased to let you know that all our remote families will now have one more opportunity
to transition to blended learning this school year. This means that if your child is currently learning remotely
every day, they will be able to opt in to learning in person in the school building at least part of the week for
the remainder of the school year. We will make every effort to provide as many days of in-person learning as
When and How to Opt In to Blended Learning
 Beginning this Wednesday, March 24, you can visit the Learning Preference Survey
at to select blended learning for your child.
 Families can also call 311.
 You can change to blended learning until Wednesday, April 7.
When Your Student Can Return to the School Building
 Students in district 3-K, Pre-K, and grades K-5, including students in District 75, who opt into
blended learning during this opt-in window will return to buildings in April.
 Students in grades 6-12 who opt into blended learning during this opt-in window will return at a later
date, and we will communicate more details as soon as possible.
 Updates will be posted at
Requirements for Returning to the School Building
Please note that if you select blended learning for your child, you must submit the consent form for random
COVID-19 testing by the first day your child begins in-person learning. You can submit your consent for testing
one of two ways:
 Through your New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) under ‘Manage Account’, or
 Complete and sign the consent form available here and bring it to your child’s school on the first day they
are back in the school building.
Families that select blended learning are expected to have their child attend in person on days they are scheduled
to do so.
Please note that if your child is currently learning fully remotely and you do not complete the survey indicating
a preference for blended learning, your student(s) will remain fully remote.
We are able to offer this additional chance for fully remote students to opt in to learning in buildings because
the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidance, allowing us to safely
accommodate more students in a classroom. As always, our focus is on the health and safety of your children, the
dedicated staff who serve them, and you—their family. That has been our priority since day one, and will continue
to guide everything we do.
Thanks to our strong health and safety practices—including wearing masks, hand hygiene, weekly random testing
for COVID-19, physical distancing, and more—our school buildings are among the safest places in the whole
Thank you, as always, for your faith and partnership. We continue to show the nation what is possible in terms of
safely educating our one million students—and we couldn’t do it without you. I thank you for your
commitment and, in turn, I promise you that our commitment to your child is unwavering.
Meisha Porter
New York City Schools Chancellor

Students Entering Grades 1-12 in September can Apply Now for Exciting STEM Summer Enrichment Programs!

This summer, unplug and explore STEM! Students entering grades 1-12 can apply now to attend programs with STEM Matters NYC. Get your hands dirty in the garden, encounter amazing animals, or design an art or engineering project. Students entering grades 1-9 in September can apply for one-week camps. Students entering grades 10-12 in September can apply for STEM courses. Choose from a wide range of programs offered at sites throughout the city! 

Programs are offered at the NYC Department of Education’s Genovesi Environmental Study Center; Audubon New York; Bronx Zoo; MakerSpace NYC; New York Aquarium; New-York Historical Society; Prospect Park Zoo; Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden; Staten Island Museum; Staten Island Zoo; The Battery Conservancy; The Green-Wood Cemetery; and UrbanGlass. Students will meet and work with field experts in programs that feature real-world learning experiences.  

Don’t miss out, spots are limited and the application deadline is Friday, April 23. Preference is given to students who attend Title I schools. Download our flyer, learn more, and apply now. For questions, contact

Dear Parent, 

History begins tomorrow! 

On Saturday May 1, for the first-time parents will have the ability to make a direct impact in our school community by voting in the Education Council Elections.  

To vote, you will need a NYC Schools Account with at least one student registered. If you do not have an account, click here to sign up . If you need help signing up for an account, please reply to this email and I will guide you through the process. 

Community and Citywide Education Councils give parents a strong voice in NYC education. Voting in these elections gives you the opportunity to help determine how that voice is used.




5 1 日(星期六),家長將是頭一次能夠對我們的學校社區作出直接影響,方法是在教育理事會選舉中投票。






Estimado padre:

¡Mañana estaremos haciendo historia!

El sábado, 1 de mayo, por primera vez los padres tendrán la facultad de incidir directamente en nuestra comunidad educativa a través de su voto en las elecciones de los Consejos de Educación.

Para votar, es necesario tener una cuenta activa de NYC Schools en la que aparezca al menos un estudiante registrado. Si aún no tiene una cuenta NYC Schools, haga clic aquí para crearla. Si necesita ayuda para abrir una cuenta, responda a este correo electrónico y lo ayudaré en el proceso.

A través de los Consejos de Educación Comunitarios y de la Ciudad, los padres participan unidos en una misma voz e inciden directamente en la educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Su voto en estas elecciones significa la oportunidad de ayudar a decidir el modo en que se utilizará dicha voz.

May 24, 2021
Dear Families,
First, thank you. I know the past year has required resiliency, determination, flexibility, and sacrifices from all of
us, and from you in particular. You have taken on new roles that many of you never imagined you’d have to take
on, and have balanced so much while coping with losses and the many life challenges that COVID-19 brought
to us over the past year.
As we close out this school year, I am looking forward to the opportunity that lies before us to reimagine what
school is and means for your children. We know that we have to welcome our students back to a warm,
welcoming, and affirming learning environment that challenges them academically while lifting them up when
they need support.
As our schools work hard on re-imagining how we educate our children, I am excited to share with you our reopening plans for fall 2021. Based on available health indicators, we will return to full-time, in-person learning
this September. This means that all students in grades 3-K through 12 will be learning in-person this fall.
All teachers and staff will also be returning to in-person instruction this fall. We are very grateful for the
dedication of all our principals, teachers and school staff and recognize the hard work they have done during this
challenging year, and we’re excited for your children to re-connect with their beloved teachers and school staff, in
addition to their peers, this fall.
As we prepare for your children, as well as teachers and staff, to return to schools, we will continue our
commitment to prioritize health and safety first. With a current rolling 7-day COVID positivity rate of 0.16% and
a consistently low transmission rate, our schools have a proven track record of being safe. We will meet whatever
the CDC social distancing requirements are in September, and we expect that the city’s continuously improving
health metrics may allow for more flexibility by the fall. Finally, in our commitment to keep health and safety a
top priority, we plan to adhere to the many health and safety measures we had in place this past school year,
including the following:
 Masks will continue to be a requirement in all of our school buildings
 Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms will continue to be required to stay at home
 Students, teachers and staff will continue to complete the daily health screener at home
 Every school building will continue to have a nurse
 Every classroom will have working ventilation systems
 On-site COVID-19 testing will continue in school buildings as recommended by the latest health
 The Situation Room will continue to support schools with next steps if there are positive cases
We know that many of our students have not attended school in-person since March of 2020, and that returning
to school in-person this fall will be an adjustment. We promise to do everything we can to welcome your children
back and provide the supports needed to ensure a positive homecoming. We’ve already made investments to hire
more teachers and social workers, and will have academic and social-emotional learning programs available to
support our students. Here are some ways that we are supporting with the transition now, and we encourage you
and your children to participate:
Chancellor’s Borough-Wide Family Forums: I am hosting borough-wide family town halls to hear more from
you about this fall, and how we can use our resources to ensure a positive homecoming for your children and
provide an enriching and challenging academic experience that integrates social-emotional learning. To learn
more and register, please visit us here:
School Open Houses: Starting in June and throughout the summer, every school will host open houses for
families to visit, take a tour, and learn about the health and safety precautions in place that have kept our schools
safe over the last year. Your child’s school will be in touch with you about when these will be scheduled, and we
encourage you to participate to learn more.
Summer Rising: In partnership with the Department of Youth and Community Development, we are so excited
to provide an enriching, fun and joyful summer camp experience for any interested student. We encourage your
child to join us - to be welcomed back into their school communities, re-connect with teachers and staff, and get
ready for fall while having fun! Families can sign up here:
Thank you for your partnership, your engagement, and your dedication to your children’s education over the last
year. I am in awe of how our communities came together to lift each other up to ensure our children had the best
experience possible despite enormous challenges. I am looking forward to partnering with you, learning from
you, and leveraging all we‘ve done together over the last year to create a new normal starting in September - one
that is warm and welcoming, affirming and enriching, and exciting and challenging - for each one of your
In partnership,
Meisha Porter
New York City Schools Chancellor
Meet your Neighborhood Coordination Officers & Discuss Your Public Safety Concerns:
Tuesday 06/01/2021 at 5pm
Hosted by PO Stephanie Delanuez
Hosted by PO Justine Rayborn 
Location: William AF. Moore Park
107-06 Corona Avenue
Corona, NY 11368
For Accommodations Contact: Sgt. Ruggiero (718) 476-6725
Masks will be provided 

Learn what opportunities there are to work at the airport, what businesses need to know about workers’ compensation, disability, and paid family leave, how to make a video resume, using Google Forms in Bangla, and strategies for mature workers seeking jobs.


Spotlight on Recruitment with Council for Airport Opportunity

Join an account manager from the Council for Airport Opportunity to learn what it is like to work at the airport, discover the jobs currently available, and find out how to take advantage of these exciting opportunities.

Join here:

Password: June2021

Tuesday, June 22



What Businesses Need To Know About NYS Workers’ Compensation, Disability & Paid Family Leave

This program will offer an introduction to the advocate for business, ombudsman, workers' compensation (WC), disability (DB), paid family leave (PFL), what business owners and managers should take into consideration, and whether WC, DB, and PFL apply to telecommuting staff, interns, p/t staff, home health aides, nannies, in/out state workers, and others. It will also address independent contractors compared to employees. We will discuss how you can get the best claims results and how to lower premiums as well as ways to get one on one assistance and help with penalty resolution.  Attend here:

Tuesday, June 22



Video Resumes

With the prevalence of virtual job searching on the rise, it is important for job applicants to know how to utilize the resources at their disposal. In this workshop, we'll discuss how to create a digital video resume to knock a first impression out of the park! Attend here: Password: Video

Wednesday, June 23



Google Forms in Bangla/ Bengali 

Participants will learn what Google Forms is, what it is used for, and how to create a Google Form. Google Forms is used at work and school for creating a survey, event registration, data collection, and more.  Please note that this presentation will be in Bangla.

Join here:

Password: June2021

Wednesday, June 23



Job Search Strategies for the Mature Worker Webinar

Mature workers can face a struggle when it comes to searching for and obtaining employment. This class will define the mature worker, describe obstacles such workers may face, and explain how and where to search for jobs.

Join here:

Password: June2021

Thursday, June 24