Safety Tips from Superintendent Caccavale

As Spring is here and the weather is changing there tends to be more people out and about in school neighborhoods. When students return on Tuesday, please review the following best practices for arrival and dismissal.


We strongly advise that if students are not accompanied by an adult to school, they should, if possible, travel in groups. We encourage our students to remain vigilant during their commute, avoiding distractions such as headphones, smartphones, or other electronic devices. It's also crucial for students to stick to well-populated routes and avoid engaging with strangers.


We ask that you discuss the following safety tips with your child to always ensure their safety:

  • Travel directly to school and back home.
  • Always walk with friends or classmates.
  • Do not engage in conversations with strangers.
  • If you feel threatened, immediately leave the area and shout, “Leave me alone!” if approached.
  • Seek assistance from friends or a known adult.
  • If close to a school, police station, or store, go inside and ask for help.
  • Never accept items, including candy, gum, or toys, from strangers.
  • Dial 911 if you feel endangered by an unknown person.
Please also engage your Safety Committees, SSOs, crossing guards and staff on duty during arrival and dismissal to vigilantly observe what is going on in the neighborhood and look at security cameras for any suspicious activity or strangers. Rember to remind staff if they see something they should say something.
Superintendent Caccavale