Clement C. Moore

55-01 94th Street, Elmhurst, NY  11373

Leader In Me


The Leader in Me is Franklin Covey’s whole school transformation process. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader.


PS 13s Liaison, Mrs. Sheehan

PS 13s Co-Liaison, Ms. Rodriguez 

Principal, Mrs. Velez

Assistant Principals; 

Mr. Aiello, Ms. Darro,

Ms. Mouzakitis & Mrs. Kondel


                                                                                              NY Quarterly School Highlight

With it now being leadership day season, student leadership roles are in order! Check out how PS 13 Clement C. Moore in Queens has been developing student leaders while giving back to the community!

The most moving and rewarding experience of implementing the Leader in Me has been the outreach our PS 13 Clement C. Moore Student Lighthouse Team is doing with a neighboring school. Initially, this project was a chance for our student leaders to donate their time, helping out at a school for teens and young adults with disabilities. As leaders, we wanted our students to go beyond helping children in our own school and start on a path of community outreach. We thought it would also be beneficial for our students to see the challenges other students have, and realize that they can use their voice to make a difference for others. 
Once a month Student Leaders visit the children in this school and work with students in their Café. During their visits, the students not only help the children in the school by working with them, but they give these students so much more: a chance to become leaders themselves. These students who have many different special needs and disabilities are so accustomed to always being led. Through these visits, they now have the chance to lead themselves by teaching PS 13 student leaders about their jobs in the Cafe. The relationships and bonds that have been made through these visits have gone far beyond finding a voice or being a leader; it truly has been a memorable and rewarding experience for all involved. 

The 7 Habits

  • Be Proactive

  • Begin With The End In Mind

  • Put First Things First

  • Think Win-Win

  • Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

  • Synergize

  • Sharpen The Saw